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Feb 10 '13

Important Sunday Night Question: Valentine’s Day crafts - are they relevant to health & fitness bloggers? Yes.

Instead of loading your friends, family & coworkers up with sugar and processed candies & treats to show your affection, use felt.

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorites to celebrate but I hate associating holidays & celebrations with candy and regret.

I made tons of these little felt fortune cookies with sweet notes inside and then packed them in mini take-out containers from Michael’s craft store. I’m gifting my friends with lip balms & teas instead of Hersey kisses or cookies.

This is a really cheap project & the V-Day themed mini take-out containers are $0.50 right now @ Michael’s.

For some of them - I used clear plastic (from the inside lining as packaging from the mini take-out containers) and hot glued them so they look like individually wrapped fortune-cookies you may know & love from sushi restaurants. This version was really easy and came out super cute - using plastic that is otherwise discarded as trash!

I used:

  • mason jar lid (for tracing circles - it’s the perfect size!)
  • scissors
  • felt - 20 cents per 9X12 sheet (makes 6 circles per sheet)
  • floral wire - < $3 for the one I bought (22 gauge)
  • hot glue gun
  • heart hole-punches for pizazz!

It’s super simple to create these.

  1. Trace (~ 3”) circles onto felt, cut them out
  2. Hot glue a piece of the  floral wire in the middle of the felt circle
  3. Fold the felt circle in half, bend them with the wire
  4. Done

Modified from a tutorial via your fav: Martha Stewart

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    Throwback to my Valentines Day Fortune Cookies last year in the spirit of planning something sweet & festive for next...
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